ZhuaJi doll paper-cut is one of the most important representatives of Chinese folk art in shanbei region, contains the abundant folk culture connotation and national characteristics.
ZhuaJi doll image wizard common paper-cut and folk customs like flowers Yellow River shelter-forest region widely circulated in China, this image has been alive for thousands of years in the customs of the people. As the “god of protection and breeding of the Chinese nation” doll ZhuaJi image occupies an important position in Chinese art history. Have different ZhuaJi doll’s image in the folk wisdom, men and women, but the original intention is the patron saint of the Chinese nation. This illustration while preserving the image of men and women ZhuaJi doll, and in the performance form, preserve the traditional Chinese paper-cut symmetry, and a breakthrough in the symmetrical modelling, use bright colors and a new visual graphics will renovate traditional art. This illustration of the connotation not only single paper-cut folk custom, the author will also be Chinese traditional metaphysics is blended in among them, using Chinese metaphysics of men and women, Yin and Yang theory to enrich the connotati

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