Zeropuro is a line of organic, biodynamic and vegan wines in which there is no trace of added sulfites in the must. The purpose of the label is twofold: to enhance the purity and natural character of the product with originality and favor its separation from the bottle for a recycling perspective. The shape, in compliance with the law, is designed to be attached to the bottle only with a single point of glue, so that once the wine is consumed, the label can be easily Removed to be disposed separately from the bottle. To support this view, a stone paper, water-resistant, recyclable, velevety soft is being used. The stone paper is obtained from a mixture of stone dust and non-toxic resins that act as binder; No tree is cut during production process of stone paper, which is photodegradable in a period of 14-18 months. It is 100% recyclable and reusable. Stone paper is waterproof and can be used in high humidity conditions, ideal for the white wines that need to be Stored in the fridge and immersed in ice during tasting. The label design draw attention to the natural nature of the product by telling about photosynthesis, the fudamental biological process for life on Earth.

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