The architecture of the Zaans Medical Center is friendly, accessible and focused on a human scale. Matching this positioning, we have developed an integrated plan to enrich the experience of the spatial environment. Despite the increased levels of stress and emotion experienced by many hospital visitors, there are few hospitals who have paid attention to positive distraction for their guests. Subtle interventions in the building provide an added value. We created such interventions which are now visible throughout the building and are great way to tell a story, offering pleasant diversion where possible.

The outcome of the project includes 3,500 m2 of hand-drawn illustrations integrated into the architecture and scattered around the hospital walls, glass facades, light boxes and lifts. We also designed the complete wayfinding system.

In general, a hospital is a destination one would rather avoid. Acknowledging this, the ZMC seeks a personal relationship with the people from the region. Our designs support this ambition and aim to support the orientation of the building as well as provide a positive distraction.

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