when you take the cigarette,
you’ll lose something important…

A kind of suicide widespread all over the world.
Since 2002, tobacco kills six million people each year. On average, one person dies by tabacco every 5.3 seconds in the world. 
About 845,000 tons of residue in cigarette butts usually are transported to the ocean and land every year, then make environmental pollution.

I collected these waste cigarette butts, and made paper by parts of cigarette paper, parts of tobacco, and the filters
The lungs consists of 3 billion alveolus, it exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen through alveolus.
The resulting tar enter into lungs by respiratory system then cover alveolus.

I drew my blood to be a symbol of health
To make mixture for different theme by combining tar paint with blood.
To show how alveolus be covered by tar on the paper.
Create a comparison between before and after.
Show the life difference between smokers and non-smokers.

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