Fashion is the 3rd-most pollution industry in the world as well as the 2nd-largest water consumer. Making fabric usually uses water, energy, chemicals, and other resources, whereas most people do not realize or never seen before.
YIJIANSHI reduces the excessive waste of used clothing and reflects self-style of clothes, lets used clothing can arrive people in need, and create new value (i.e. clothing
recycle). The new design donation bag cooperated with convenience stores is free, and we will donate supplies to people in need. Our garment bags are plastic free and are always re-used. Clothes tag is also 100% recycled paper product. All information of donations can be directly filled in the back of the bag. Clean and simple information can reduce the burden on many clothes classifications. Donors can more easily donate their clothing.
We are also an online platform owning many features, such as second-hand clothing trading and exchange and charity event launching. People interested in clothes can also share their stories and post comments on the Internet. Through the Internet community which allows more people to pay attention and care about this issue.

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