For the West Bund Art & Design 2016, media partner AD Style (China’s Architectural Digest) approached Tilman Thürmer to design the art event’s central stage. The 23-meter high hall of the iconic industrial warehouse venue was transformed into a gallery-like lounge, including a café, comfortable seating, a bold design sculpture over 10 meters, and a cerebral atmosphere dotted with spaces to play host to select contemporary artwork.
The design of the West Bund stage area combines context and style. Powerful and dark abstract shapes appear like Chinese calligraphy strokes, making a bold and dynamic impression. As a strong contrast to the industrial atmosphere of the building, this area has a sleek and elegant feel that creates an intimate space despite its expansive setting, encouraging discourse between visitors who sit and enjoy the food and drink. Its function as an area for discussion is also indicated by its subtle “speech bubble” shape. Details can be seen in the steps of the auditorium where podiums with a similar “speech bubble” design for displaying art pieces or other objects are nestled strategically throughout, making the entire design feel like a cohesive walkable sculpt

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