Mosa µ is the first tile with a fourth dimension: time. µ tiles subtly change colour throughout the day in response to the changing intensity and angle of the light. µ was inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy about colour, modern scientific research, and current design trends. Each µ tile is a unique blend of microscopic colour beads mixed with clay. Mosa µ is variable, intangible, and energetic.

The unique experimental identity of µ was the theme for all communication and started with the name itself. This time it was not the usual English name, but a Greek letter. The µ symbolizes micro and is in honour of the ancient Greeks that are the source of all inspiration. All communication resources also visualized the experimental aspect of µ and time, the fourth dimension.

• Brochure/sample file: flip books with a time-lapse of the µ floors over a 24-hour period.
• Website; three interactive tools demonstrate how µ changes in relation to angle of view, time, and environment.
• Photography: 3D objects on a windy beach instead of floors in a static studio.
• Video teaser: designer Philip Ross in his daylight lab about colour perception

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