Wayfarer – one who travels. The name of the new gin label from Cologne leads the way. And so it led Benedikt Brauers to the south of France. Lavender, thyme, rosemary, basil and sage are the notes that dominate the smell and taste of the first Wayfarer gin “Provence”. More travels, regions and exciting aromas will follow. Our journey led us to an extraordinary logo that stretches and criss-crosses in all directions like roads on a map. The logo undulates around the beautifully designed bottle like a winding path and enables the observer’s eye to explore its course. In a shade of purple that evokes the lavender fields of Provence, the label around the neck reports from an amusing travelogue that varies from bottle to bottle. With its clean lines the design deliberately sets itself apart from the intricately designed ornate look of its competitors, establishing a straightforward, minimalistic and streamlined approach.

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