As village inheriting traditional customs, cultural practices and architectural art, the Village of Ancient wanyao village has also inherited the traditional production processes of wanyao village (bowl making, drawing patterns, glazing and firing) and preserved some large historical buildings, such as the ancient theatrical stage, ancient buildings (drum tower) and ancient kilns. This village has developed tourism to provide support for cultural inheritance and future development. Having drawn lessons from the neighboring villages that suffer from over development and thus the Village of Ancient Wanyao village lays emphasis on harmonious unification of the development area and residential area, it is still left without anybody to care for. With this study, the author hopes to renew the village’s image, rebuild it a tourist destination, invigorate its stereotyped old image of a village of wanyao village, integrate some modern elements to this ancient village so that is more aligned with modern people’s aesthetic styles, and enable tourists to interact with it in order to arouse people’s interest in historical heritage and thus promote and protect it.

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