Digitalisation is the new watchword and a topic that is bringing about permanent changes to the banking sector. Adjustments to the technical infrastructure, ways of thinking and processes are all necessary in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital world. VP Bank is tackling this challenge while at the same time seeing future opportunities through digitalisation and the application of innovative technologies.

True to our motto “Safely ahead,” we have developed a digitalisation strategy that will show the way for the years ahead. You can learn more about it in the section “Strategic Orientation of VP Bank”.

Digitalisation is also the guiding theme of this annual report. We asked seven experts to demonstrate the diversity of digitalisation as well as the opportunities and challenges for the banking sector. The range of topics discussed includes future digital viability, robo-advisory, crypto banking, cyber security and changing patterns of corporate communications.

The print version of the 2016 annual report contains introductions to these fascinating expert commentaries, and the full-length versions are available online for reading and sharing.

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