Waternet is responsible for all of the water around Amsterdam, including its canals. In order to control the increasing crowds of pleasure boating, Uselab made the new VaarWater app.

While Waternet wants to reduce trouble on the canals by informing boat users, boat users just want to make fun. Spontaneously getting the boat out: no plan, no hassle, no rules.

The app bridges these two conflicting interests by making the app relevant for boat users by applying contextualization. As a result, the user literally is the center point. On a compass nearby facilities of preference appear, like public toilets, supermarkets and more points of interest. Being a really useful app, it also creates an environment in which the user is sensitive to Waternet’s messages, including communicating of traffic rules. However, warnings only appear in case of violation. E.g. when ignoring the permitted cruise speed.

By making the app completely context-sensitive, it avoids overloading boat users with irrelevant information but instead corresponds to what they want at the moment. As a result, Waternet communicates rules without patronage and controls traffic using points of interest.

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