LG V20 GUI is a project that reflects customers’ various design tastes with customizable signature wallpapers and theme features, providing joyful user experiences.

1. Signature wallpaper
The second screen has the “signature” feature, and you can express your personality with it. When users set their name or their own phrase, they can see it on the second screen. Especially, when users save their signature on the second screen, they can select the wallpaper with their initial and save it. For example, when a signature such as “Life is good” is saved, you can select a wallpaper with the first letter of the phrase, L.
You can set the first letter of all languages as the wallpaper. Especially, symbols such as “Heart emoji” or “Star emoji” can be set in the wallpaper, and users can have their own unique wallpaper.

2.Black Theme(Dynamic Downloadable Theme)
The second feature allows users to download GUI styles from the Theme Store and change the design to their tastes.

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