U+tv is a user and contents-centered IPTV platform service.
It is improved to provide contents of customized recommendation for customers by analyzing interviews and use patterns of the existing customers.
First of all, it secured readability by increasing the size of text with significant information per screen compared to the existing design. It grouped and arranged the information to provide at each screen for an easier and efficient perception of information according to the order of priority and natural movement of one’s eyes. Therefore, customers can quickly find the most necessary information above everything else.
It also changed its layout design. Focus route is organized only with 90-degree vertical and horizontal directions in order to enable viewers to instantly find desired contents only with a four-way button of a remote controller. This layout is equally applied to all screens for maintaining the consistency of UX. The arrangement of information may differ according to kinds or genres of contents. However, the interface stays at the same place in order to minimize a complex searching process.

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