UTOPIA TOOLBOX .1 is the first book in a series of 3 volumes.
It contains texts, images, confersations, citations and do-it-yourseld actions and aspires to support the search for individual and societal ways in times of great challenges. Contributions from art, design, science, economy, education, philosophy, spirituality, practice, politics, society. The overarching connective tissue is creativity as the most important resource of humans – maybe the only left to show us a way out of the present day crises.
A manual for effective use in daily life, a tool of encouragement. A contribution for the shaping of an uncertain future, of a more balanced global order.

Anthology created and assembled, and designed by Juliane Stiegele
Co-author for additional USA-contributions Nick Tobier

Michigan Publishing, TOOLBOOKS Munich

Funded by Andrea von Braun Foundation Munich and
School of Art and Design, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

German edition 2013
English edition 2015
andarin edition 2018, with support of Goethe-Institute and Taipei National University of Arts

UTOPIA TOOLBOX is also a collective, founded by Juliane Stiegele in 2010, based in Augsburg, Germany

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