How do you take a well-known piece of furniture and show it in a new light? The answer is by using light itself. And that is exactly how USM is presenting its modular shelving series USM Haller E. Lighting and USB ports can be custom integrated and adapted to the different shelf functions. Whether it is a walk-in wardrobe, a desk or indirect room lighting, USM Haller E offers solutions for every requirement.

Our landing page follows exactly this motto and combines style with individuality: Starting with the usual clearly- structured page – now with the new brand corporate design, – we have integrated interactive highlights into the product images; so the user can see and experience the new product features, the effect of light on the furniture, and on the surrounding room. A video slider gives a parallel view of in the furniture with and without lighting, allowing the user to actually experience the difference there and then. In the integrated shop, you can directly configure your pieces of furniture and order them online.

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