In launching ‘Urban 4 rest’ of LOTTE MART in Seoul is to expand a brand image from typical hypermarket. The big change is providing customers the main floor of the store as for a rest and meditation not for products sales. Since it is located in one of the city’s industrial and residential area, which is defined by ‘brown urban area’, Urban 4 rest’s ideas come to balance between life and environment.
LOTTE MART has changed to a lifestyle-based company with a responsibility and a commitment to being better. Backed by company slogan, ‘Easy & Slow Life’, from the logo to space, all design elements are based on the characteristic of the site and the relationship between human and nature. ‘4‘ of ‘Urban 4 rest’ means ‘four values’ which is ‘for human health, a harmony with nature, comfortableness with good person and finding my own style’. Moreover ‘4 rest’ means ‘forest’ as well. Surrounded by indoor gardening and green areas, customers feel like they are inside forest. The concept and the hidden meaning within it, these are what LOTTE MART have achieved and what we are working on.

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