TWELVE was developed as an individual annual review by the Serviceplan Group for the media and communications industry. The aim of the magazine is to provide an insight into the inspiring personalities and topics that have accompanied the group in the past year and also to showcase our portfolio – at least in part – in an innovative way.

As well as the individuality of its content, our aim is also to impress with TWELVE’s design. The third issue of TWELVE is under the theme of “globalisation” – and the reason we invited experts from all over the world to contribute their ideas and perspectives. Our message for this issue of TWELVE is one of internationalism, which runs through the twelve chapters of this third edition like a common thread. Each chapter opens with a text by a colleague from a different Serviceplan location and is visualised by a photographer from that country. Jung S Kim from Korea designed the cover and a photo editorial, which whisk the observer off into a fascinating realm, somewhere between illusion and the photo artist’s real emotions.
The message of TWELVE: The future will be all about creative synergies.

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