KOUBA, the Tsubame-Sanjo Japanese metalwork production area hold a 4-days festival every year from 2013 allowing visitors to witness and experience the craftsmanship. In the wake of industry decline, factories participate in an initiative to open their doors and share crafts for public. We changed Tsubame-Sanjo’s theme color from iron black and flame red of blacksmith to Pink and Silver, combined with the “Yellow and Black oblique stripped pattern” which is used to warn the visitors of danger and keep them alert, and created a “Pink and Silver oblique stripped pattern” design as visual communication elements, using tapes, cardboard and projection as event decoration. The visual of logo is expressing “Open Doors” because we wanted to create an icon that would take up the big task of uplifting the craftsmen’s mood. From 2016 we added farm and market with the production factory which all could be pronounced KOUBA in Japanese. With our design, we helped make a small positive change within the area and the community. This is the kind of societal role design will have in the future.

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