The user interface of Trufa’s cloud app makes big data feel accessible and actionable.

Leveraging big data for better decision making and higher productivity is the realm of big players such as SAP and Oracle. Enter Trufa, a German startup with a cloud application that helps executives in medium to large businesses understand what drives operational performance.

The power of Trufa’s application is that it is not just diagnostic, it actually allows businesses to run simulations to understand the impact of operational improvements. But handling and interpreting big data is complex and overwhelming. The design challenge was to the make Trufa’s sophisticated and powerful app feel approachable, intuitive and actionable for any level decision maker.

With a subdued color scheme with bursts of orange to guide the user to action, the app is focused on identifying drivers for operational efficiency. At the top of each screen, a simple question and brief description define the opportunities for answers that can be found below. The seemingly simple and understated design leaves the focus on the possibilities in the data.

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