Triggi is an online service that makes smart devices even smarter. We helped kickstart this tech startup by creating its complete brand identity and by designing the main journeys in the app.

Triggi works with simple rules that connect smart devices and services. These rules are called triggs. Each trigg works according to a ‘When’ and ‘Then’ rule. So that ‘When’ this happens, ‘Then’ do this. We visualised the trigg as a metroline, an universal metaphor, making them easy to read and use.

A ‘When’ is the condition. For example: when it’s 20 degrees celsius outside and I’m home. A ‘Then’ is the action. So: when it’s 20 degrees celsius outside and I’m home, then the central heating needs to switch off and the lights should start blinking.

Since connecting things is the core of Triggi, it’s omnipresent in the brand identity. The logo is placed on a grid, giving the rest of the design a solid base. The dots in the figurative mark represent the devices that Triggi connects, connected by the represented lines. The same visual construction appears when the user makes a trigg. The colors are used at full clarity, giving them an almost luminescent quality.

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