Ecological cycle that connects species,
Food nurturing life,
Life cluster deriving culture,
Cultural accumulation creating society,
Society coexisting with environment,
Environment influencing food.
These continuous cycles interconnect with each other,
From the perspective of food,
We study and create the unique design aesthetics.
Egg as the symbol of origin,
Connect the interaction between people and food.
Pineapple represents the agricultural industry,
Through various production methods,
Evolving into different forms
Cauliflower is symbiosis,
Different fields from the same piece of land,
Develop into multiple symbiotic social patterns.
The zip-top can, can and vacuum package show the concept of [freshness retaining]. We have launched 3D-printed canned foods, recognition cards of the vacuum package and invitation letters; all the works will be presented via special issues in the form of books and newspaper just like the commodity diversity shown in the journals of stores; when it comes to packing box, it adopts carton instead of plastic bags and presents in form of pizza box to respond to the idea of instant take-out service.

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