The reality of life is changing rapidly: digital revolution, climate change, coexistence and polarization, diversity of cohabitation and collaboration. Ever faster, always connected. Digital friends and analog desires. The motto “transform” concerns itself with the influences of omnipresent transformation on housing culture, furniture- and décor design.

Transformation equals change.
Color and typography have significant appeal communicating the event. The blue notably differs from the company’s corporate blue, it feels new for the client, as well as word mark and headlines which, through irregular spacing, seem in continuous movement, visualizing an ongoing process.

Shape without an end or beginning.
Marbling, a surface-design technique originating in the Asian region, is the constant key visual.

Transformation tops perfection.
As does the binding, aesthetically representing imperfection as a brochure with open thread stitching. Imperfection interpreted as alternative concept to the perfect digital world.

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