The insecure is always jealous of others, success, talent, or possessions, but do not believe in their own merits or skills, and consider them as not worthy. This condition is the theme we have chosen to discuss in this animation. We hope this animation will resonate with the audience and further encourage them to ponder and realize their self-worth.
In this world, there is a special behavior called ,”corpse trade”. As you willing to change your organ into others, you will get the talent or ability of this organ from the one you changed. Like you want to get something then you must lose something precious.
A boy who learned pottery creations is a protagonist. He unsatisfied with his work, and disappointed with his own hands gradually. By chance, he noticed a pair of pottery master’s arms in the corpse trading store. As far as leading role is concerned, these arms are like a turning point of life. Not only believed his skill of pottery will be improved but believed his life will be better; Therefore, he decided to change his hands by surgery.

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