TPV Hybrid MDS, the electronic mirror display system integrated with the digital video recorder that aims to the original-equipment market, provides the immersive experience of driving view with safety monitoring. The benefit of this combination is not only upgrading the driving safety but also simplifying the dashboard area without the messy wires.

Through the outside-mounted camera, it displays the wider angle and see-through rear view which eliminates the blind spot of driving view. The interface consists of 8.8 inch HD display and five physical buttons that as less as possible for the sake of the mental model building easily. One of the buttons is the function of Emergency Recording primarily; the rests represent the functions of Display, DVR, Photo Capture and Menu in the view page but the other definitions of navigation and control in the sub-function pages temporarily. The user interface design utilizes the wide view area to structure flat-hierarchy flow reducing the distraction to drivers, emphasizes the key information for guiding the operation and strengths the contrast to optimize the visibility that displays on the reflective screen surface.

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