Toun28 ‘paper’ container package is developed specifically for 28-day cosmetic subscription service. Most of conventional cosmetic containers have been designed for long-term storage purpose with long-lasting materials, such as plastic. For marketing purpose, these plastic containers are decorated with factitious colors and materials which makes recycling rate to 0%. In contrast, our paper container is made of certificated recyclable paper. This is a small but meaningful change in cosmetic industry to stop undermining nature from plastic.
There are many restrictions on the use of paper for recycling in terms of design. To overcome these design constraints, we added a leather tag to augment material qualities and esthetic appeal in our design. In addition, all the leathers used in the product is made by left over pieces
from making conventional leather products.
Through our design, we hope that people will appreciate the value and importance of recycling, and to pursue the aesthetic satisfaction at the same time.

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