I have initially made this campaign as a concept with a goal to raise awareness of the harmful effects of tobacco.
I found the inspiration while observing the effects of smoking. My country, Serbia, is on the top of the list of cigarette consumption per capita in the world. Health warnings and conventional campaigns have not managed to reduce smoking rate overall.
This work of mine was then spotted by the Cickiewicz clinic from Poland and was granted the right to use it for their promotion.

There is a 3-part visual, and also an actual pack that a smoker can use in place of the original pack in order to remind themselves of the harmful effects of tobacco.

This project was published in November 2016 and it is still gaining more and more attention since it went viral on websites such as Bright Side, Bored Panda, Design Your Trust, Great Things, Architecture & Design, A Different Type of Art, Enjoy Science and many others. Some of them have been using it as cover pictures for their articles, such as Bright Side (for “20 Examples of Devastatingly Powerful Social Advertising From 2016”). Millions of Internet users have seen, shared and commented on the idea.

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