There is no motto for Theater Erlangen’s 2017/18 season, and deliberately so: Due to the many challenges facing liberal democracies today, we find ourselves, in the words of artistic director Katja Ott, »on the threshold of a new era that is yet to be given a name«. The season program’s cover and first page are hence dominated by a large question mark and exclamation mark, painted with a thick brush – a call for analysis and debate. In these times of growing polarization of society, Theater Erlangen purposefully positions itself as a historically open arena of free political discourse. The printed program further reflects this by supplementing the clearly laid out information section and full-page ensemble portraits with texts, drawings and photos from many sources aimed at encouraging critical thinking and further exploration. In terms of both content and design, the overall theme is protest movement; hence the use of handmade posters, grainy newspaper clippings, and iconic images.

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