Silk(Si) Scroll(Shu) Design Invitational Exhibition. “Si” refers to the Silk Road, the inheritance road of economic, political and cultural exchanges between the East and West, connects the material and spiritual civilization of the East and West, makes the history of the world continue to move forward, and composes the progress of human civilization. “Shu” refers to writing and books. In Chunqiu period, there has already been valuable instruments written on silk, called “silk manuscripts”.

The image intention of The Silk Scroll Design Invitational Exhibition derives from the elegance and smoothness of scarves as well as the comeliness of traditional Chinese characters. The modesty of thin horizontal stroke and thick vertical stroke as well as the elegant leanness of decoration angle bring out the best in each other. The morphology of character image and the vacant wave of scarves co-exist harmoniously.

The Exhibition invited more than 40 important designers and artists in China, focusing on reading and culture, with silk as its carrier, to explore new visual expression and spread design aesthetics as well as help graphic design industry to further

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