Since launching in 2009, WeTransfer has developed into a creative platform that serves 40 million active users every month across 195 countries. The company felt it was time to refresh its brand identity and move beyond the idea of merely sending files to develop a look and feel that reflected WeTransfer’s place in the creative process and the creative community. The logo had to reflect the ideas of creative excellence and the craft behind it, as well as the collaborative nature of the file-transferring service.

WeTransfer’s new logo is simple, communicative, friendly and adaptable. By dropping the word ‘transfer’ in their logo, the company highlights its role in bringing people together and celebrates collaboration at the heart of the creative community. With its bold, rounded characters the designers ensured the logo would be legible in various sizes and on different devices. It works just as well in the corner of a smartphone screen as it does as on a large billboard, always warm, welcoming and recognizable.

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