The New Moscow map features 180 most stunning examples of Constructivist architecture in Moscow, both world-famous iconic buildings and even almost unknown buildings and whole constructivist settlements within the limits of Moscow Ring Road.
The main reason why we together with our client and partner Center of Russian Avant-garde created this map was to raise public awareness about the problem of demolition of these buildings in Moscow. Many people still see avant-garde as something ugly, reminding of the painful Soviet past, unpretentious, lacking decorations, which in Russian mindset equals bad and cheap.
With this poster we wanted people to see how beautiful avant-garde really is and that it is one of the things Russia should be actually proud of. Although the Constructivist movement produced many pioneering projects that literally had a great impact on contemporary world architecture, now this heritage is in danger being destroyed by the authorities. Many architectural masterpieces are either in ruins or under threat of demolition so the land could be sold to developers.
We created this poster in order to attract more attention to the problem and to save what can be still saved

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