The miniature book is the pure typographic representation of the small excerpt of the
movie – The Man Who Knew Infinity, a 2016 Film, is a film that left an undeniable
impression on me. The movie is based on the Indian mathematician Shrinivasa
Ramanujan who is considered to be one of the most romantic figures in the history of
Considering the time period of his existence (late 19th century to early 20th century)
and his field of work – mathematics, paper was used as the main source of expression,
research, invention, and discovery. Knowing this, the project relies on paper’s crucial
role to express his creative mathematical genius. Thus, I conceived that perhaps a
book would be the best way to adequately pay homage to his accomplishments.
Since the writing was the medium of expression, typography is the main and only
element used to express excerpts from the movie.
This is an attempt to further illustrate a sense of closeness and
appreciation between Ramanujan and Hardy. The book is intended to
recreate particular dialogue and provide the perception of two people actually
talking. To give the insight of Ramanujan’s intellect at such a young age, I made small pages.

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