The Kamasutram, the standard work on human sexual behaviour in Sanskrit literature, is more than a guide through all kinds of sexual positions. In fact it is a story about a way of life, on which sexual behaviour has got a particular position. This German translation by the indologist Johann Wilhelm Richard Schmidt is considered as the best European translation ever. In combination whit the humorous, at the same time cool illustrations by the artist Florian Althans came a modern, artful interpretation of the best known eroticbook into existence. Althans’ artworks stand in strong contrast to the tradtional, detailed illustrations of erotic classics. Self confident and cheeky, at the same time catched out and freezed his strange cyclops gaze at us and take away every chance of voyeurism. The minimalism of the graphics shows everything and nothing. An aesthetic erotic, which interprets the amorous play furthermore in a most humorous way.

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