There are hundreds of millions of illegal firearms in the world. Someone is shot and killed every minute. Developing countries suffer the most with a devastating mix of violence and poverty.

IM Swedish developing Partner has over 50 years experience working in countries struggling with armed violence. IM has seen how illegal firearms and violence hinders development and derails human aid efforts.

The objective was to create a market driven initiative where the private sector would gain a clear business value by investing in Humanium Metal and thereby removing illegal firearms from society and generate resources to help victims of armed violence and help rebuild conflict-torn societies.

The project also aims to make weapons destruction programs politically prioritized by creating local job opportunities.

The Humanium Initiative is the worlds first established supply chain of metal made from destructed illegal firearm leading to an increase of weapon destruction programs in affected regions and much needed financial support to victims of armed violence.

As of March 2017, production has been initiated in Guatemala and El Salvador in cooperation with local governments

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