The Poster was part of the Media Design for the annual exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna 2016.

In the peak of the European migration crisis in summer 2015 Austria held a key position in the trail of the asylum seeking people. In only a few days thousands of refugees arrived in Vienna. Even though the main part was transiting, the society was divided: the ones who welcomed those in need, and those who feared them. 

In the following months the European nations started to toughen their refugee policies. Walls and fences were built in order to hold the refugees back. Main routes were closed people were forced to take high risks or stay in their bombarded home towns.

Universities of Arts are striving to enable social progress. The University of Applied Arts Vienna has the objective to influence and comment on our society. The poster design gives this approach a voice, at the same time as it is showing people a room for manoeuvre. Art is tearing down walls, as tools are tearing down fences.

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