• Health prevention can be complicated. A confusing mix of costs, a jungle of esoteric methods and trends, fitness and motivational issues plus medically misleading paths to your health all together push preventional health activities out of the reach for the most of us.
• Merkur is an insurance company specialized in health insurance solutions. In all their products Merkur includes free health prevention programs (hence the name Presurance/Vorsicherung – because they already help before something happens) like spa holidays, athletic workshops, nutrition workshops, Ayurveda weekends, etc.
• All programs can easily be accessed by a click and come with all the comfort of five-star-spa-hotels where the programs take place.
• Message: You could take the complicated way to active health prevention with loads of obstacles and confusing techniques or you can choose the direct way your wellbeing: #presurance


Vorsorge geht auch leichter / Health prevention could be easier

#vorsichern / #presure

Einfach zu Wohlbefinden und Gesundheit
eine Merkur Gesundheitsversicherung / The easy way to wellbeing and health: a Merkur health insurance

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