The Mercedes-Benz digital rescue assistants, consisting of Rescue Stickers, Rescue Cards and the Augmented Reality Rescue Assist App, were developed to provide emergency response teams with immediate support at the scene of an accident. In emergencies, they provide critical information on safety-related aspects of the vehicle, providing life-saving assistance in seconds. A QR code located on every Rescue Sticker links to the correct vehicle Rescue Card on the Rescue Assist App, available for both smart phones and tablets. The app also contains three-dimensional views of the vehicle that can be viewed in-app or projected onto the vehicle using Augmented Reality via the camera. The cards are available offline in case there is no mobile reception at the scene of the accident. The digital Rescue Assistants from Mercedes-Benz were developed as a collaborative effort between Scholz & Volkmer GmbH, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions GmbH and RE’FLEKT GmbH.

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