The task:
Agency jobseekers usually pay attention to salary, job title or major customers. Though the most important thing should be their coworkers! But who has the luxury of knowing all of them during a job interview?

The idea:
Job applicants should be allowed to learn as much as possible about the agency, even if they are just sitting in the foyer for a few minutes. In our table book “The Creative House”, we help them by introducing the agency as well as its culture and employees. For this we use the familiar illustrations from our Instagram account @kreativeshaus.

The solution:
Turn pages instead of scrolling: every day for nearly a year, an illustration of one staff member with his or her unique characteristics is created and then posted to Instagram. Now the account @kreativeshaus is becoming a book:
Agency visitors, job applicants and customers can browse through our analogue Instagram page by page and get an idea about the agency and its staff. And when you come to the last page of the book, you can follow the call to #addyourcharacter and draw your own character into the book – adding yourself to the team in this way.

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