In modern societies, it is difficult to notice and solve the problems of the elders.
The physical functions of aging elders would degenerate; in terms of diet, they would become incapable of chewing and swallowing; and in terms of motions, the limbs would fail and the joints would degenerate.
However, when these problems occur, people simply mention it rather than providing practical helps. In the end, the elders still face these difficulties on their own.

The serial works of The Chains use strong analogies to use the chains as similes of the physical bindings and restrains of the elders, indicating that their pain has become the lack of life functions. The bright color contrasts are used not only to indicate the plain life of the elders, but to attract the public’s attention to notice the physical difficulties the elders face, as well as the urgency and severity of their troubles. Finally, the works are presented in the form of illustration to embody the flowing sense and be closer to the public; also, to raise the public attention to the elders.

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