Since 2011 Zurich-based specialist branding agency Branders has been publishing online magazine The Brander featuring exclusive reports about people who put their heart and soul into creating a brand, running it successfully – sometimes even becoming it themselves.

In 2013 Branders started publishing a selection of these reports in book format as well. Meanwhile The Brander has evolved into more than just an online magazine or a mere book: The Brander portrays the creativity and passion that go into realizing a myriad of dreams. With a focus on quality, creativity and sustainability it features extensive interviews with successful brand creators about their concepts.

The third coffee table book has been given a more distinctive and elaborate design than the first two publications. The typography and imagery concept were enhanced to showcase the brand creators and their stories even better. Whether Laurent Goblet from Hermès, Rob Melville from McLaren or Michael O’Keeffe from Aesop, the brand creators are all linked by an absolute will to create – from big ideas down to small details and this is has also been transported in the new layout.

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