The book is shaped and proportioned as an oversized box of tarot cards, placed in an embossed and gold foiled box. In addition to the book, each box contains a small deck of colorized illustrations from the book, expanding on the tarot card theme.

The cover of the book, illustrated by Lala Rascic, contains the symbolism of The Fool tarot card: Rising Sun (joy of life and beginning the journey); Bag (tools for the journey); Flower (innocence); Dog (animal desires, portrayed as a fox); Cliff (learning to fly)…

The Southern Baroque style elements can be seen in:
(1) Backside ‘card’ pattern combination of French Quarter architecture style (curves of wrought iron balconies) and the Fleur-de-Lis symbol of New Orleans as a decorative design and
(2) Typography – Bembo font, an old style serif typeface expressing classical beauty and tradition. The back cover of the book is colored by New Orleans: with three versions of the book corresponding to the colors of Mardi Gras (purple-gold-green), mirrored in a small deck of colorized illustrations (purple-gold-green) with matching color on the card backsides.

The book is handcrafted in a limited edition of 300.

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