The food discounter Lidl offers super fresh fruits and vegetables. To make this known throughout Europe, Lidl took advantage of the 2016 European Soccer Championship in France and developed an extraordinary oracle on Social Media: the AVORACLE.

When cutting an avocado in two, you never know which side will get the stone. So for LIDL’s Facebook posts, we painted two hands to represent national teams. And the avocado did the rest: the team with the stone would win tonight’s game. The amazing outcome: The Avoracle got it right almost every time. Even in the final. Lidl spread the campaign with real-time- postings during the games as comments on the match and made sure to refresh the engagement on each Avoracle video.

With a reach of over 50 million, and over 18 million video plays and 440 thousand interactions, LIDL won the European Championship on social media.

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