This project finds its roots in the longing for the geography of home. It starts with a journey of 15000km, an island circumnavigated, and nine rivers explored.
The rivers’ waters—their distinct color and heritage—are captured as fountain pen ink. The rivers’ companions—driftwood carried by these waters— are fashioned into fountain pens. Together, the set becomes a powerful symbol of our desire to reclaim a home and a world that sustains us.
Ink is the bearer of culture, just as rivers have been the cradle of civilization. Through the written word, the rivers flow through our brushes onto our paper and into ideas—their essence and colors pregnant with the characteristics of their origin. In the process, we draw closer to these rivers. We come to see the rivers not as distinct from ourselves, but as bearers of life reflecting either a cultural, the environmental, or agricultural role.
Through it all, we come to understand the rivers as they are, to see them in a new light, and embrace them as part of our lives. Taiwan River Writing Ink—sustainable, environmentally friendly, and locally sourced.

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