We are always dominated by visions, thus we are not well learned of the sounds in this world. Tainan is a long-established ancient capital, and became a characteristics city with not only modern but also tradition. We picked up eight historic handicraft articles stores in Tainan. We describe the feature of each historic handicraft by connecting industry with imagination, space, deconstruction and constituting the different abstract figures with point-line-surface. The book design combines the image with the album, to introduce the story of Taiwan’s handicraft. Inside the book, we recorded masters and traditional handicrafts, for example: embroidery and drum shop etc…. handmade elements, using the sound of “sewing by machine” and “beating the drum” etc.…to gather the familiar memory of the sound culture in our life. There are five buttons on the book cover, the first one is the main theme, and it’s a melody. The other four buttons are basic tones. They are the sound of each store recorded while they are manufacturing products. By mixing the sound, everyone is able to produce their own music of cultural industry. For this reason, hope everyone can have the brand new experience.

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