The Tagesschau-App 2.0 represents a completely new format of reporting: A showreel with videos and animated images that edits the top news of the day in terms of technology and content innovatively. As Germany´s first news app the Tagesschau-App provides its users videos in vertical format. This means: News videos can be viewed upright and in fullscreen mode and remain flexible: While the video is running, the users can rotate their smartphone and play it in horizontal format. Despite the format change, the video continues playing without any interruption. This is enabled by Pictacrop, the internationally first tool for dynamic video cropping, developed especially for the Tagesschau-App. With its help the available video content can be analysed and edited for mobile end devices in a user-friendly manner – this way, video news of the Tagesschau can always be viewed in fullscreen mode on the smartphone.

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