In 2016, pharmaceutical company Synthon celebrated its 25th anniversary. Each of their 1,700 employees was presented with a personal copy of Synthon ’91-’16: Entrepreneurship, passion and determination to mark this special occasion. The exciting tale of the company’s illustrious history unfolds in nearly 300 pages bound in a virgin-white cover and bright pink pages – the colours of their corporate identity. The book places the 25 years of Synthon history in the context of important global historical events such as 9/11 and the economic crisis.

Historian Arjo Roersch van der Hoogte interviewed the people who enabled critical developments at critical locations at critical moments. This quote from founder Jacques Lemmens encapsulates the history of Synthon: ‘I didn’t hesitate about these ideas for a long time. It’s a fine example of serendipity – the feeling that you have come across something valuable without really looking for it. And you take the turn confidently, without knowing where it will lead.’

The book is published in three languages – Dutch, English, and Spanish – and comes with a silver bookmarker that literally and figuratively represents the 25-year journey.

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