The key element of the project is the „Stoertebeker Place&Learn“ – a digital beer sommelier. In a cosy corner of the beer store the sommelier frequently offers beer tastings for interested guests. In order to support the sommelier our client wished for a very intuitive digital signage solution, that leads to a „wow-effect“. The solution consists of a 84“ 4K display that can show various animations. Among others it can show information for all available beers as well as an easy to understand explaination of the brewing process. The centerpiece of our solution is a little black box. Especially labeled beer bottles trigger the animations when placed on this box. The sommelier can control his entire presentation simply by placing different bootles. The beer sommelier can focus on his speech without being distracted by using technical equipment. For the guests it seems like the presentation is controlled by magic. After the successful beer tasting guests can directly move on to order their favorite beer online. There are two 27“ touch terminals to accomodate for this.

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