STATION: is a Virtual-Reality-Experience for the HTC Vive. The player is in the space station ISS, exploring the station and experiences the feeling of weightlessness. In addition, the player is able to explore the modules of the ISS from the inside and outside.
The innovative control with the motion controllers of the Vive moves the player through the station. Special is, that he experiences the feeling to move himself through the station as he moves the controllers in his hands. This motion was exemplified by the movements of real astronauts hovering through the weightless space. Through this very realistic and intuitive control, a frequently occurring negative factor of movements in the virtual reality is minimized, the so-called “Motion Sickness”. The setting of STATION in the seemingly weightlessness would even intensify this effect.
The development of the ISS is based on the correct representation of the dimensions of the ISS.
Consequently, the aim is that the player is supposed to experiences the station in the sense of an astronaut living on the real ISS. As only few people have enjoyed the privilege of flying into space and to feel weightless.

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