formal. indiviudal. material. functional.
As one of the leading high-end providers of full-range conference room settings, executive offices and seating furniture, spiegels helps companies customize office manufacturing according to their corporate identity.
spiegel’s own newly defined identity is based on four cornerstones that reflect both the brand and its first-class products: 1) the formal philosophy of product development, 2) the individual customization of manufacturing, 3) highest quality material derived from the best resources, and 4) thought-out functionality for more comfort. These cornerstones lay the groundwork for spiegel’s mission as they vividly reflect the brand and product range in an unmistakable way. Products are sorted by a defined world of colors while illustrations strengthen the character of each individual item. Combining this with a modern look-and-feel of Helvetica, products and stories are naturally put on center stage. spiegel’s new corporate design helps architects, office planners and end-clients to gain an adequate impression of the brand that helps derive immediate value. This is first-class office manufacturing.

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