Spicecaps is a new and novel product – a high quality blend of spices within hand-filled gelatin capsules. Spicecaps were developed to provide homemakers, healthy eaters and amateur cooks with an easy way to ensure the correct level of seasoning and to deliver long-lasting flavours.
The packaging design supports the product’s premium positioning: a wonderfully warm colour palette presents the eight delicious meals and flavours to their full advantage; while the use of a matt paper stock delivers a delightful tactile experience that helps convey a sense of home-made quality.
The lid-top label includes the Producer’s logo, which uses a chalk font to emphasise he product’s handmade character. The two capsule device represents the innovative nature of the product while communicating the correct amount of seasoning to use.
The primary Spicecaps logo on the main pack label includes a repeat of the two capsule device. The logo sits within a square black panel alongside descriptions of the flavour, intensity of seasoning and volume of each pack.
The clean and elegant packaging design successfully delivers the strong visual appeal the client required for the intended target audience.

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