The protection of the environment is urgent nowadays.All the countries are trying to prevent the deterioration of other species extinction.Governments have set up regulations in order to protect natural resources and prohibit illegal hunting.However, the law establishment has compressed the local aborigines living space. Such evidences make us begin to pay more attention on the relationship between human and nature.
Hunters’attitudes to the nature strongly affect the natural balance.This is the motive for us to create the story.The coexistence with the nature doesn’t mean by hunting as leisure,entertainment,or economic trading.It is unilateral plunder of natural resources.The audience will understand that the real hunter will fully respect the nature after watching our animation.
Adair is an aboriginal hunter who lives peacefully in the forest with the nature.One time he saw Chasel, the greedy hunter,killed the young beast with gunshots. Therefore, there was disagreement between those two.The patron saint Buried,who was in charge of species life and the death,saved the dead animals and set them back to the nature. In the end,Chasel made a big mistake because of his ignorant greed

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